Turning Lights on After Dark

So under the previous app, when I ran the “I’m Back!” routine, the front door would unlock and the foyer lights would turn on if it was between sunset and sunrise. I had this executed using core. It would do the same thing if I opened the garage between those times. Now under the new app, it no longer executes that routine. I have deleted it and tried again, but it doesn’t work.

I have also looked at the Smart Lighting group, but it doesn’t seem to do what I need. I can’t use the unlock only to trigger the foyer lights because I don’t want to unlock the door and have lights turn on all the time. Thanks for the help in advance!

Any thoughts??

Add automation

Automation doesn’t turn on the lights if I’m Back is executed between sunset and sunrise. Unless I am missing something.

All of that done with just Automation. I could call Scene, but it was not needed.

I was just playing with new if and than

You can do this in Smart Lighting or as an Automation. I personally would use Smart Lighting, since automations seem somewhat flaky still.

I have tried Smart Lighting and am unable to make it work.

My Automations must be flaky. It won’t let me select a sunset to sunrise. I need to see if there is an update.

Update: It doesn’t work still. It doesn’t allow me to turn on the lights inside when I hit I’m Back. It requires you to open a door or something else that isn’t related.

Here is my SL rule that does exactly what you are looking for.

I think what you are missing is the concept of Automations.

Automations are not equivalent to Routines. Routines are not anymore supported in the new app.

Scenes are equivalent to Scenes as before, but Automations are only ifs and then. You cannot execute them like Routines. Many people missing that option.

What you can do, is either define Location Modes, Home and Away and have a Scene to change it and when it is changed to Home, then an Automation would trigger. Or use a virtual switch with the same concept. Have a scene to turn on a virtual switch, and the on state of the switch would trigger the Automation. (You should have another Automation to turn off the virtual switch just after turned on, so you can use again and again the Scene to trigger Automation one.)

I hope it is clear what I try to explain.

Wish they would just give us Routines back. For me, I used them as buttons to trigger other things such as webCoRE Pistons. Have to use VS now to do the same which creates unnecessary devices. Arrggg. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: