Please help me get data from sensi thermostat?

I apologize in advance for what is probably a very basic question here. I wrote a SmartApp that would monitor my thermostat for mode changes. When the thermostat went into heating mode, the app would turn on a booster fan as well.

I just upgraded to a Sensi thermostat which works great, but when I try to select it as a “capability.thermostat” option in my app, it does not show up. I’ve tried changing the device handler to a thermostat capability, the Emerson device handler, and others, but no dice. No matter what, I cannot get the Sensi thermostat to show up as an option in my smart app so that it can be monitored.

The mode changes show up just fine in the “events” log for the device itself. Is there some other way for me to monitor this thermostat for this very simple task?

Thank you so much in advance for any help!

I’ve never worked with thermostats, but I know the Thermostat capability is long since deprecated. There are several live thermostat capabilities that the Sensi seems more likely to be supporting, such as Thermostat Mode.

Man I’m dumb sometimes! Thank you so much. This fixed it right up. Much appreciated!!