Play a custom mp3 (song) file on a siren when alarm goes off

very new to St guy so please forgive me. I come over from Wink and got everything switched over. im running door sensor, motion sensor ect. ive been setting up automations in the ST app. i would like to set up a siren that i can install a mp3 file in that will play a song when the alarm goes off instead of the normal alarm siren sound. Is this possible and any ideas what componets i need to use to do this.

I’ve not done this with a siren yet, but I have with certain door sensors via Alexa Routines and Amazon Music (other services exist as well). I can’t recall what sirens may exist that allow you to upload an mp3 file, but Aeotec’s devices may do that.

I’m still using ST’s older Alexa skill, and sirens aren’t an option, which means I’ll have to set up a virtual switch (and anutomation in ST to keep the siren and switch in sync) that Alexa can see so that the Routine can be triggered. It may sound complicated, but it really is easy to do and there are a lot of posts in the community on how to set up virtual switches for Alexa.

ST now has a new Alexa skill that includes all your ST devices, but I don’t know if sirens show up, sorry about that. I’m also not sure how you’d do the same thing with Google, but I’m sure something is possible.

The other option you have is webCore. It’s a very powerful rules engine that can do quite a bit, but it can be a little overwhelming if you’re not use to coding. More info about that is here:

The Zooz Multisiren is a real siren and it also allows you to upload about custom 30 mp3s onto it. That’s the only device I’m aware of with that functionality, that’s still being sold, but I’m only familiar with z-wave devices.

I just looked into the zooz and ordered it. Looks like it should do what I want it to any idea on when you download the MP3 file to it how long of a song you can play on it?

I’m not sure, but maybe @TheSmartestHouse can answer that…

First, it’s important to note that you can only use .wav files (no MP3s) with the ZSE19 siren and you need a Windows computer to manage the sound library. It has limited space but if you remove the default sounds from it and upload just one song file you should probably get 20-30 seconds of playback depending on quality.

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Great thank you for the information

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