Which Devices work as an “audio device” for “audible alarms”?

So I’ve got a hub v3 and many Samsung SmartThings Sensors dotted around the house (mixture of motion and multi-purpose sensors). I have various automations set, i.e, if after 11pm and any of the sensors are triggered, to turn on the following smart lights around the house.

Within the edit screen of the automation it mentions having an audio device to give an audible alarm. What would warrant as an ‘audio device’? We have many Google Home’s across the house, too, but I assume they cannot be used in this scenario to give an audible noise of some sort as a warning, seeing as the functionality is there, within the automation segment?

Help would be most certainly appreciated.

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ST has confused this a little. There are two types of audio players in ST:

  1. Audio file players (e.g. they playback MP3 files)
  2. Audio text players or TTS - Text to speech players (they convert text to an audio notification)

Most of ST’s built in apps have migrated to the first option, so if you device doesn’t play mp3 or audio files it won’t work. Example as such an Alexa.
Sonos, Bose, Alexa (using Echo Speaks) are examples of devices which support TTS or option 2. There are a bunch of apps available on the community which allow to use both options 1 and 2 depending on what your device supports. Here’s an topic that lists some of those apps:

FAQ: Set up Custom Chimes/Voice Notification When Door is Opened

Also check out this topic for Google home notifications:
[Release] Google Assistant Relay V2.0 - Google Home Audio Notifications!

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