Platform Update - Release Notes– 07/15/2015

IDE Improvements

  • Adding support for additional preference widget in IDE, which allows
    of grouping of preferences.
  • Changed the IDE to create the actual virtual devices sooner, so they are available during the intermediate
    smart app executions of a dynamic page app.
  • Fix IDE simulator uninstall to work consistently
  • Added html5 access taglib support

Platform Improvements

  • Better handling of validation failures on user-create processing.
  • Upgrade for zlib library for compressing json objects.
  • Cleanup test pollution in SmartApp Community tests with SmartAppExecutorBase
  • Fix to always update location state cache on change to avoid stale
    cache issues
  • Fixed the order of token extraction for some third party integrations
    such as Life 360
  • Improvements to re-throw exceptions for DeviceEvents, which allow for
    retries for processing of queued messages.