Plantlink Lush - moisture sensor and valve

It’s official, but a few months away. I’d like to remove my dumb timers for something like this (if it works as advertised). Hoping it’ll integrate with Smartthings as it does now.

Oso Technologies proudly introduces PlantLink Lush, our most advanced product offering yet.

PlantLink Lush features an improved moisture sensor design and a brand new PlantLink Valve. Thirsty plants rejoice, the valve attaches to a hose for real-time watering. To accompany these products we’ll also be releasing our new App, for both iOS and Android.

Featured above is a first-look at the new link and watering valve, which will be available by the end of June. We will start taking pre-orders May 1 at In the meantime, like our myplantlink facebook page for helpful plant care tips and new product updates.


1 year later, it is still on preorder…

I found the first gen at a local Lowe’s for $27 on clearance today, but decided to hold off.

Miracle Gro bought them, so who knows when they’ll actually be distributed.