Plantation blinds/shutters

Has anyone found a add on like for plantation blinds? Our new house has 25 custom plantation blinds and I can not get contact back from the shuttereze web site. I am looking for a turnkey z wave solution, i don’t really want to be cutting up 25 shutters! and the wife said no wires. if it mounts on the outside no problem that’s fine. I am new to all of this and don’t think i am ready to tackle a arduino project myself at this point. so any help info or company info is much appreciated!

@greg615 @gml I get the impression Shuttereaze has shut down. Whilst their Kickstarter page is still accessible their website has disappeared.

I would like a similar solution for plantation shutters which works with Smartthings and hence hopefully also Amazon Alexa and other assistants.

For what its worth Soma have a solution for horizontal blinds which works with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.


It might be worth contacting Soma to ask them to do a version for plantation shutters similar to the Shuttereaze approach. The more people who ask them the more likely they are to do this.

If they did they should be able to use the same Soma Connect with a different type of motor attachment for plantation shutters reducing the amount of development work they need to do.