Piston triggered without event

With the help of this forum, I set up a virtual contact sensor for each door and some simple pistons in core so that I could have a delay to prevent false alarms. Basically, If the contact sensor opens, it waits 3 seconds and then opens the virtual sensor. If the contact sensor closes, nothing happens. The alarm is set to the virtual sensor. This has been working great and prevented the false alarms we were getting when the sensors opened for a split second while the door was closed.

Last night the piston made the virtual contact sensor open without any opening of the actual contact sensor. In other words, the trigger in core didn’t happen but it ran anyway. I have confirmed this in the event log. The only thing I can think of is there was some sort of delay or lag from when we opened the door two hours prior. This is the second time in a month this has happened on the same door (not the same sensor- after the last time we switched the location of the sensors to see if we had a bad sensor).

Any ideas?

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There have been some similar issues over the last couple of weeks, you might take a look at the following thread:

don’t trigger noisy alarms solely on ST indications

Yesterday I got an apparent leak notification from an actually dry sensor. If I had let it turn off the water then it would have been a runaround.