webCoRE Piston best practices

Is it better to have more pistons doing things, or longer complex ones.

For example, I have a coffee maker hooked up on an outlet, it has an internal tank that heats up, but I don’t want to keep it heated 24/7 just want it to run from 6am to 10am in the morning, but only when we are home.

Should I create 1 piston to start it, and then 1 to shut if off. Or just 1 that controls it and has a 4 hour wait in between turning it on then off?

I’ve always been a fan of keeping things tight and clean, and optimized as possible. I just don’t know the workings of webCoRE and what’s more memory friendly, optimal etc…


You may get a good answer here, but to really get into it you may want to ask in the WebCoRE forum, which spun off some time ago.

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Thanks! I was unaware of the spinoff!

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Head on over the the other forum but a quick answer is only one piston, easy peasy.

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