Piston for Air Conditioner

Hello I was wondering if anybody could assist with a simple piston in which I’m spacing out on how to do. All I want is something that takes outdoor and indoor temperatures into account for turning on the AC,but where I’m mostly getting stuck is whether to include the rule for turning the AC off in that same piston or to put it in another. Additionally I’m not sure what type of piston to use. Thanks!

change piston type from then if to simple

else statement is off. but so many different ways to approach

Honestly I never know what to put in for the else statement and sometimes just leave it blank.

Depending on your setup and thermostat you can use this

It is for the ecobee which is what I use. He has created a bunch of smart apps to go along with it and one of which does exactly what you are looking for. Allows you to set ideal temp for house and monitors indoor/outdoor temps to adjust. It also take humidity into account and can allow you to adjust that as well.

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I actually just use basic pistons in expert mode and use When True and When False instead of Then. That way, you can put an “Or” in between groups or condition and evaluate each Group (Contains a set of conditions) or Condition (only one condition or trigger to evaluate) using When True and When False.

Else=When False

Does this look like anything you’d do?

I have an older home where I can’t put in an electronic smart thermostat so I use switches to control window air conditioners.

So I do this with WebCore. I did it also with Core as well but webcore allowed me to take it to the next level.

I completely put my whole houseon autopilot with the thermostat. Now of course my piston has a little more than just AC in it.

I have 3 Aeon multi sensors outside that I use for computing the avg outside temp.

Let me know if you have any questions. Yes this might be a little convoluted but I hope that it makes sense and helps you achieve your goal

WOW! I bet it took you some time to do that huh?

Eh not too much mainly just taking my time to make sure I have all my ducks in a row.

I was hoping someone could provide guidance for eliminating unnecessary notifications. I’m getting repeat notifications for the air conditioner turned off even when the air conditioner was never turned on - how can I eliminate this?

You have to look at what you are saying here. Lets take the “When True” out of the equation for now and only look at the When False section…

You are saying in (reverse) for the When False…

If Accu temperatue is “Less Than” Entrance…Probably happens alot right?
If Entrance is “Less Than” 75…Probably happens alot too right?

When both of these are “True”…Send notification Air Condition Turned Off…

I would rewrite the Piston like this:
Basic Piston

Leave out the When Fasle in the first part

Don’t use OR If. Just use an Or separator between the Groups

Crete another Group
Create Conditions
Air Condition is On
Add the conditions to turn off AC
When True
Using Air Condition…

Create Condition
If Accus…is greater than…
When True
Turn On