Pipo dual boot tablet / stand. Cool for wall mount or countertop

Thought this was cool, found it while browsing Amazon. It’s sort of a counter top tablet, it dual boots Android and Windows.

I searched in this forum and only found it mentioned once in the SmartTiles ideas discussion. Thought it was worth mentioning it on its own.

I want to get it but to be honest I really don’t know how much I would use it. Same reason I have yet to buy an Amazon fire tablet for 50 bucks. I want to have a cool wall mounted home automation controller like some of you guys, but I just don’t think I would find it useful just yet. I think my setup is still too small, even with a dozen or so devices.

Check it out

Looks like they also have the x8 for a little cheaper:

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Seems like a novelty item that is overpriced. Some of the reviews also point out some quality control issues. Considering you can buy a Chromebook for a little more money, I am not sure it’s worth $130 for this. Thanks for sharing though.

I agree. But for things like using it for SmartTiles, I think it’s nice for people like me who just want something plug and play. Something I could plop on the counter and load up SmartTiles and it would look cool. I’d be willing to pay for that.

I would personally rather have this than a ChromeBook on the counter top or bedside night stand. Even though I agree the ChromeBook would be better quality and probably more powerful. This just has more of a home automation control center look to it.

I kinda felt the same way as you, it just looks like a cheap China thing. But I decided to post it on here cause of this comment from another forum member…

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Yeah, ultimately, you can buy a cheap Android tablet with a case and get the same look/effect for Smarttiles.

I’ll have to look into that. Like I mentioned, I’ve been wanting to get an Amazon fire tablet because it just seems like a steal ($40 when on sale, and lots of friends have them as throw around tablets at home and all have good things to say about them). And they are fairly easy to root and load full Android on. If I could find a docking station or stand like this for one of those that would be awesome.


Not sure I would buy one, but to the OP’s point, is there a case for generic tablets made like that one? If not, then it has an interesting value to it.

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To be honest, the more I look at this thing and it’s specs, the more I want one. Lol. I totally agree with you guys, it’s sort of a gimmick device or maybe a novelty. But I can really see the usefulness too.

I’m going to research into it more, but I think it would be really nice to have on bedside. I like the look of it. Having the solid base, with the screen mounted into it and it being at an angle.

The majority of what I watch on my TV at home is in my room and using ChromeCast. Would be nice to have a dedicated tablet type thing I can use, rather than using my phone. And also, I could load up smart tiles on it, and also maybe have some of my security cameras on the screen (working on integrating with SmartThings).