'Stand Alone' Smart Home Control Panel

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I’ll probably end up posting this on ActionTiles forum too but its more of a generic question…

Anyone know of/use any products which is a sort of stand alone, portable, touch screen control panel for SmartThings (or Action Tiles). I’ve personally being using Lenovo Yoga Tab 3’s as they have a built in stand, so can easily be stood on a table but I’d love something which is designed for it. However I’d love something with a charging dock (rather than having to plug in).

I know you can mount something into the wall and do some fantastic mounts like that. But I’d love something which can be picked up by anyone and used, then moved around the house. Something a bit like the Logitech Harmony 1000, but all screen?

Does anyone have any recommendations?




“Me too”, but I was going to buy a cheap Amazon Fire tablet and simply glue it to the wall running a USB cable to a nearby power outlet. I already to this for the non-control solar PV display I have in the kitchen. Been working for a couple of years now with no 100% battery issues as I expected to face.

I have bought an Elgato Stream Deck to think of attaching to an RPi and again, sticking this on a wall. Looks cute, but how actually useful I don’t yet know.

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Maybe try the Pipo X series?
Gearbest and Banggood carry them.
I know the X8 Pro is only 129.00 on Banggood (link below).
It’s a dualboot (Win10 and Android Lollipop) and has some pretty great specs for the price. There are larger ones available for more (the X10 or X12, but they are $200+)

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Sadly it ain’t stand alone - no battery but that’s the right kind of form factor.

I’m really surprised people have done them as a tablet.


Were you ever able to do anything cool with it? Does debian support the elgato app as well as windows? I have been able to use IFTTT and webhooks, combined with CORE to toggle devices from a windows PC. The only drawback is that it must be connected to a PC running the app. If I get another one, I want to use a pi zero with it if possible.

You could always make your own charging dock for a tablet. A lot of the wall-mounted projects involve putting a Qi charger in the wall, allowing you charge wirelessly.

Another option is to find an old HP Touchpad and Touchstone dock. It was a 10 inch tablet that ran webOS but could be flashed with an Android ROM. Fantastic tablet, even on webOS. I haven’t tried the browser to see if it supports ActionTiles, though I should. I have a new in box touchstone for mine.

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No progress yet, too many other things to do in the house. I have a Lenovo “compute stick” laying around unused running Win 10 32-bit that may make things easier, but the intent is to try the 3rd party libs on the pi zero too…