Piper and Smartthings

Hey there.

I’ve been having awful trouble trying to get Piper to Arm/Disarm through IFTTT. I’ve tried all sorts of combinations but to no avail from virtual switches, to pairing up with actual switches. The functionality of getting IFTTT to arm and disarm piper through conditions set in ST just doesn’t seem to work.

Has anyone had any luck?

I have Piper successfully arming and disarming on a schedule using IFTTT. I also have Away and Disarm virtual switches in Smartthings that arm and disarm Piper through IFTTT, but I rarely use them.

They seem to work fine though.

Piper has been purchased by Alarm.com

They haven’t updated the blog in over a year. They are no longer selling the product. I think Piper is dead.

It would be great to be able to hack the camera for use with Smartthings. Otherwise, once they turn off the cloud service, this device is basically useless.