IFTTT arm disarm Blink

now that RBOY is out for blink integration, Can someone show me how to have 2 people arm disarm blink cameras when last leaves and first arrives using IFTTT?
I can have myself arm and disarm when come and go but it doesn’t give me option to use both users of smarthings. I made the applet with location then smartthings. Does the other person need an IFTTT account then?
Wife doesn’t like 360 app either so that’s out

I use modes. Home = disarmed. Away = armed. Mode automatically changes based upon who’s home.

Okay thats a great idea i forgot about modes. So use certain modes with IFTTT then? Because currently smartthings doesnt support blink cameras directly

Bummer she doesn’t like Life360, the feature works great with IFTTT and Blink!

Says it drains her battery and plus i can keep an eye on her too LOL😄

Check out this site apilio you can define advanced IFTTT triggers with it to achieve the functionality you want.

Is the IFTTTT blink integration currently working?
I wasn’t able to arm/disarm my system through IFTTT, says

There was a problem with the Blink service