Picking up ST today....Questions about VIVINT

I just bought my ST hub and will be picking it up when I get off work! I have been reading this site for a few days and EVERYTHING has been helpful. Now to the good stuff.

The house I bought has sensors from both Vivint and ADT. From what I have read it all should work with the ST HUB but I want to make sure and hear from anyone who might of already done this.

Also what is any ones lessons learned from a fresh install to the end? What did you find that made it easier after all was said and done.

Both of my Thermostats are Vivint(branded) Ct100’s. Is the Z-wave built into it or do I have to add it? Yes sounds weird but when I look at the side there are two places to add additional pieces.

Those two “slots” are for “USNAP” modules – The CT30 supports ZigBee, Z-Wave, and WiFi modules.

Check the CT100 specs … it might have one of those protocols built-in without needing a USNAP…

Otherwise, USNAP’s are available on eBay (etc.) for ~$25-$30. I think the Z-Wave are easier to find.

I’ve used other Vivint Z-Wave stuff without any problems. You may need to do a general Z-Wave Exclude in order to reset them before Add Device attempts.

@tgauchat Thanks for the help. So I have tried to pair the ST with any of my sensors(I have about 30) with no luck. How did you get it to work?

Erph… I only use Vivint outlets, not sensors.

Are they Z-Wave or ZigBee? ZigBee are, unfortunately, more likely to be non-standard.

The Zwave was already in my vivint CT100 thermostat. All you need is the installer code to liberate them from your vivint system.

Was it a USNAP module already in there, or built into the main board?

I wrote down the wrong thermostat. It’s the ct30. I ordered 2 modules. Guess the original home owner took them.

@tgauchat I honestly don’t know. I’m pretty sure they are z-wave. I’m guessing I need to impair them from the 2gig controller first before the ST will pick them up. Now I need to find the installer code.

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Why two modules?

ZigBee or Z-Wave?

Zwave. I have 2 thermostats. Yep I don’t need the radio module. I succesfully mated my two thermostats to ST. Now all these sensors. I removed all of them from the 2gig panel but ST can’t find them. Any suggestions?

Here is a picture of the sensor. Hope this helps.

I did some research when I first bought ST. I believe the door, window, and motion sensors use some sort of Honeywell protocol not Zwave. This makes them unusable with ST.

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Well guess that leads me to the next question. What window and door sensors are good but at a great price?

I would find one on Amazon and go search the community for it. Usually by reading one or two threads you’ll know of any difficulties encountered in addition to any bonus features that are discovered. I haven’t purchased any door sensors but have tried I have a few different thoughts on motion sensors that I shared here. The Fibaro motion sensors have probably been my favorite, but you need to use the community developed device handler found in this thread beta-fibaro-motion-sensor-new-device-handler-with-all-settings-and-auto-sync-feature to get the most from them.

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Monoprice for contact sensors should be fine. They sell the same stuff that’s white-labeled for SimpliSafe etc.

My door sensor been flawless.

My micro-relay… 2 failed in 8 months.

And frequent sales.

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