Photo’s Display on Samsung Smart TV (Q7 Series)

I have a S23+ with the latest software and while trying to display photos from the phones gallery on the TV, we cannot get the photos to show full screen. They show in the middle of the TV screen very small. Changing the aspect ratio on the phone does not have any impacts. How can we get the photos to show full screen on the tv?

Thank you.

If it is a screen mirror, then the format will match the phone, including a rotation to landscape. If it is a photo file access, a different process, then the photo format will display. What process are you using? Mirror? Photo file access? Casting?


When we go into the Smart Things app, select the TV, the only option that we see is Mirror Screen (Smart View). Is there another option to have the photos in the phones gallery display and show full screen on the TV?

The other options are not functions of SThings but of the phone itself. In phone settings (gear) you go to connected devices. There you will see the options for showing phone content on the TV, including ST. These options can have short cuts in the short cut menu (2 swipes down from the top of the phone.)

I found the ST control of my TV to be limited from the phone, but not from the TV. You will need to explore both to see if any meet your needs. Let me know if you have questions.