Phone Calls From Smartthings

I was setting up an ST system for a friend who wanted to replace an old alarm system. The one thing he was questioning was the lack of getting a phone call as sometimes he can’t hear the push sound.

I found out that by using IFTTT I can give him phone calls for various events. Works very well.

Just in case anyone was interested.

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It works, but you can only call the one phone number you have associated with your IFTTT account. That sounds like it will work fine for your friend’s use case, but many people search for this hoping to be able to call multiple phone numbers or a specific phone number Other than their own, and it doesn’t work that way in order to protect against spammers.

Also, a frequent question that gets asked what’s the alternative for those outside the US, since the IFTTT phone service is only for US numbers.

Fortunately, IFTTT also offers a service for VoIP phones, and it can be Used in most countries (but not China, where the government restricts the technology). So that’s a good alternative for some people outside the US.

There’s something strange about that. If I configure the applet using my phone IFTTT app I can enter any phone number. If I use the web based access to IFTTT it will only accept my phone number. I didn’t try the one with a different number, but curious what is going on.

EDIT: Ok, tested this. Even tho I entered a different phone number it still called mine. So that doesn’t work.

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Yeah, that’s a bug from an old artifact. About three or four years ago, IFTTT would let you put other phone numbers into your recipes, we used to use that for a neighborhood watch alert. But later they decided they needed to protect against hackers and harassers and they changed it so you could only call your own number. But they never updated the watch app.

Can you not set it up for google voice as the phone number?