Phone call or other distinct notification from ST?

HI all,

Used to have STHM set up to deliver a phone call via IFTTT if an intrusion or other significant event were detected in my home. This was because there is high potential I’ll miss a single Smartthings notification overnight or while sleeping should something bad happen back home.

With ST changing things up and IFTTT requiring subscription for multiple automations (as well as the phone call service), I’m looking for an alternative.

Is there any free option I can consider for making a call or otherwise very distinct notification on my phone based on device status in ST?


Brand and model of your phone? The available options vary.

Apple iPhone 13 pro, I believe.

The ST notifications tend to be the “standard” dings which will do little to wake me out of my sleep. Certain apps can change their notifications to be something more distinct, but I do not believe ST can. Plus I really only want the distinct notification for emergency situations. Thanks.

Alexa can provide call services

Thanks. I couldn’t find a way to set Alexa up to call me, let alone leave me a message that there is a problem at home. I might not be understanding how it works.

IFTTT has a “VOIP” option which “calls” the IFTTT app on your phone. This remains free. I am using this as an alternative. I preferred the actual phone call, but this will probably suffice.

Dealing with those SmartThings changes can be a real head-scratcher, right? Missing out on important notifications is never fun, especially when it comes to home security.

Have you checked out alternatives like Tasker or Automate? They might offer some solutions without breaking the bank. Also, have you ever tried the Who Called feature? It’s a nifty tool to track and manage your calls. Who knows, it might just fit into your revamped SmartThings setup!