IFTTT alternative to make call

I was using IFTTT to call me when ST Home Monitor detected an intrusion (siren). IFTTT has now made this a “pro” feature so are there any free alternatives for the described functionality?

Are you looking specifically for a phone call or would an SMS message suffice?


I would prefer a phone call but hadn’t thought of the SMS option. I will set that up in Home Monitor. Thanks!

Alexa can make calls


I just tried setting this up but it seems Alexa requires you to sign-in to your account with one of the three major U.S carriers or Skype, to make calls. I’m with a MVNO. Is there a way around this before I try the Skype route?

Just linked my Skype account in Alexa but routines don’t recognize it for the calling option. I’m in the U.S and GV doesn’t show as an option.

I’m pretty sure ST cannot make calls. I do receive SMS from ST but I don’t believe its using GV.

I’m on T-Mobile, and you have to use Alexa Routines, with SmartThings virtual or real devices.

I was able to link my wife’s T-Mobile account to Alexa, however, when I create an automation and use “calling” as the action, I don’t see an option to make calls.

That is the tricky part. Alexa needs to say it

For example

I have some other devices that have Alexa Skill, but only way to control them is by voice. However this workaround works with virtual deveces. Another example


I use custom actions to simulate spoken voice commands.

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Thanks for the reply! I have everything setup as you describe. When the virtual device turns on, I can hear Alexa say “Alexa, call moi”. But nothing happens after that, no call is made.

No idea if this works but you could try using a custom trigger instead of the Alexa trigger.

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This worked, thanks!

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Do you mean having two Alexa devices where one controls the other using this method?