Phone alarm clock to start routines?

My wife has an iPhone and I have a Galaxy. I was wondering if I would be able to natively start a routine when either of our phone alarm clocks go off, using either an Echo or a Google Nest.

If I can make it simpler and just connect it with my wife’s Apple Phone Alarm Clock, that could be just fine too.

What I would like is when her alarm goes off on her phone, either Alexa or Google sends a signal to my Harmony hub to activate “Watch Cable” which turns the t.v. and cable box on and turns on Hue lights to a dim setting.

And when she walks by the motion sensor in the hallway, have Google or Alexa give her a weather and traffic report.

I have a google home, but can purchase an Echo dot if it makes it easier to integrate with her Apple phone.

Would I be able to natively make this happen?

“Natively” on which platform? :thinking:

With smartthings, no, not with the official features. But you could probably use the third-party app, sharptools, to do it On an android phone, if you also combine it with the third-party Tasker app. @joshua_lyon could say more about that, he’s the developer of sharptools.

However, since smartthings has dropped the official Harmony integration, you might have to also include Ifttt or an echo routine, so it’s getting pretty complicated.

Amazon offers a native alarm integration that let you trigger a smart home event from an Alexa alarm going off, but I don’t know if there’s one that works with a phone, I’ve just never looked into that.


Google has a similar trigger as @Paul_Oliver noted below. (I was mistaken the first time.)

Apple’s HomeKit, which is built into iOS, lets you use The phone’s alarm as a trigger for a HomeKit shortcut, But that won’t get you to Harmony unless you were also using homebridge, which is again a third-party product. Or yonomi can also do Siri shortcuts, and that’s a software only solution so might be better.

So… You can accomplish this use case, but it can get tricky if you only want to use native out of the box functionality.

If you want to change so that your alarm is set on the echo device, then it’s pretty easy with the native Alexa features. :sunglasses:

And as @Paul_Oliver mentioned below, it sounds like you can do it for the android phone with google assistant.

I don’t know an easy way to do it on the iPhone, though.


The Google alarm app on Android phones let’s your trigger a Google Assistant Routine. If you link Google Assistant to Smartthings it has access to all your devices.
So when your alarm goes off it can turn on lights, start the coffee, shut off alarms, etc.


I know that Google can talk to Harmony and Initiate activities such as “Hey Google, Tell Harmony to Watch a Movie” and Harmony will then initiate that activity. So I dont necessarily need my ST Hub to communicate with Harmony.
Just my ST hub to communicate with Google to have it initiate the harmony activity… Will that be possible?

I would be willing to use IFTTT to make the activity I described in my first post work, But just not any coding software or apps that I don’t fully understand.

I apologize in advance for my ignorance, I’m a beginner and I have my smart things hub being delivered in a few days.

Yes I ordered it and didn’t fully understand what it was …:sob:

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