Trigger Smart Home Monitor?

Please delete or move if this has been answered, but I couldn’t find a simple way to do this.

I have a security system on a 2gig panel controlled with I also have separate open/close sensors on all of my doors that I monitor with ST Smart Home Monitor.

I would like to have the e-mail I get when I arm the alarm, also activate (and deactivate) the Smart Home Monitor.

I figured out the gmail label for the email coming in, but in ST in IFTTT there is no way to activate SHM that I can see.

Any tips?

I don’t have SHM set up right now, but can’t you set its alarm status with a routine?

If you can, it’s easy. You just set up a virtual switch that runs a routine, and have the IFTTT smartthings channel turn on that virtual switch. Same thing as having IFTTT set a mode.

There’s a smart app in the marketplace under smart apps/lights and switches which will tie a switch to a routine. The smart app has been around for a long time and is very popular. It uses the original terminology “hello home phrase” instead of “routine” but they’re the same thing.

This is great and should work, but when trying to use the Switch Activated Home Phrase and/or hg is Alexa app I get this error:

“Sorry there was an unexpected error” before the app even loads.

Tried adding the code in IDE and making smart app that way with same result…

Other people have reported a similar problem with other marketplace smartapps, I wonder if there’s a cloud problem?

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Submit a ticket to support and we can look into it.

i use IFTTT to send an email to my gmail account for the following: Armed Away, Armed Stay and Disarmed

Which in Turns on/off 2 different Virtual switches
Virtual - Away
Virtual - Stay

depending on the email received (disarm turns off both), then i use CORE to arm/disarm the system which has been working well

What i have found is that it can take upto 20 minutes for the trigger to come through from GMAIL/IFTTT combo.

Manually turining on/off any of the virtual switches, ST changes states instantly

Thinking of sacrificing 2 GE plug in modules to turn on/off through routines and check their status in ST and this would be quicker as i have both systems on the same zwave network.

Since the “Switch Activated Home Phrase” doesn’t seem to work for me, the CoRE seems like a good alternative. Installed it and running but don’t know how to use it.

Could you make a quick step by step to set it to Sync IFTTT to my Virtual switch that turns on SHM?


  1. install 2 virtual switches in ST IDE (i called them Virtual - Arm & Virtual - Stay)

  2. In, add option to send email when system is armed / away / disarmed to a gmail account

  3. In IFTTT, enable IFTTT to control these 2 switches

  4. I used the following routines in IFTTT to turn on/off these virtual switches
    i. If new email in inbox from search for subject:Panel was Armed Stay, then Switch on Virtual - Armed Stay
    ii. If new email in inbox from search for subject: Panel was Disarmed, then switch off Virtual - Armed Stay
    iii. If new email in inbox from search for subject: Panel was Disarmed, then switch off Virtual - Armed Away
    iv. ii. If new email in inbox from search for subject: Panel was Disarmed, then switch off Virtual - Armed Away

  5. Have CORE monitor the status of these 2 Virtual Switches in ST and change the state of SHM by creating Pistons

i. if Virtual Switch - Arm changes to ON, then turn SHM Arm Away, turn OFF Virual Stay
ii. if Virtual Switch - Stay changes to ON, turn SM Arm Stay, Turn OFF Virtual Arm
iii. If Virtual Switch - Arm changes to OFF and Virtual Switch Stay is OFF, turn SHM to Home
iii. If Virtual Switch - Away changes to OFF and Virtual Switch Arm is OFF, turn SHM to Home

Hope this helps

Reminder: IFTTT can take upto 20 minutes to get the email and change the SHM status

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THANK YOU! Set it all up, will test tonight when I get home :slight_smile: