Phillips Hue motion sensor $20 from BestBuy, store pickup

Amazon has the same deal.

Yes, you do.

So there is no way to use these without the hue hub, maybe with custom DH? I do need some motion sensors with lux sensing so these would be perfect, but I do not want a hue hub.

According to Amazon description it will connect to ST !!! Of course they could just be referring to the fact that you can connect Hue Bridge to ST.

Connect it with your Nest or Samsung SmartThings system. Each kit includes one Hue Motion Sensor with two AAA alkaline batteries, a magnet, screws, a manual, and a two-year warranty.

you can absolutely use without the hue bridge. Just so a search for hue motion, the dth will come up.

Here you go.

Nice will look up the DH, thanks.

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How would these compare to the Zooz ZSE09 as far as accuracy/reliability? Although the Hue is cheaper I have had good success with the Z wave plus devices I already have.

Considering how the Hue remotes work when connected directly to the ST hub, I’d be cautious with using any Hue device without a Hue bridge. I can’t keep my Hue remotes (I have 6 of them) connected to my ST hub for more than a few days without them dropping off for no reason at all.

Just my $0.02.

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That is concerning, I mainly want some motion/lux sensors for turning on lights as you enter and controlling light levels depending on the current lux level in the room. I have a strong Z wave plus network due to all the Leviton Z wave plus dimmers I have.

At $20, I’d give it a try. I just put it out there that Hue products are known for not always playing nicely outside of the Hue environment. YMMV.

But, again, at $20… lol What do you have to lose?

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True the Zooz is $30 but that is still 50% more.

I have had zero issues with dropping off.

Do these do temp also or just light and motion?

Temp, Lux & Motion

Is anyone else seeing that they are OOS now on amazon? I was just about to order some damn.

Bestbuy says none within 250 Miles also.

I order from Best Buy last night for in store pickup and I just looked and now they are out of stock.

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Amazon was barley up for a couple hours before OOS.

I found 2 in 2 different Bestbuy’s near me but that’s it. I really wanted to get like 4 or 5 of these, I prefer to not have multiple different types of motion sensors, trying to be more consistent.

Edit: Ended up finding a Bestbuy not far from where I was traveling this weekend, so I bought the 5 they had. This automation stuff is dangerous when on sale always spending more money. Its like a drug hah.

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They do temp? I can’t find anywhere in the specs on the Philip Hue site where it mentions temp. It would be great if it did since I have a couple of them. Even in the hue app I do not see any temp status from the sensors.

I have my Hue bridge linked to my ST. I can see and control my hue lights from ST but I can’t see the Hue Motion sensors or my two hue remotes, should I be?

You have to direct connect to St hub but hue. Use the dth I posted above I have 15 connected to St hub.