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Hi team,
Has anyone get experience with this motion sensor being directly connected to a ST hub? I’ve been using the Samsung Smartthings motion sensor outside for about a year to turn on/off some outside lights but it has finally succumbed to the elements so need to replace it and found the Philips as a proper outdoor alternative.

I’ll want to connect it into ST and my V3 hub and then use the motion sensing to active a set of outdoor lights … just wanted to check it can work as a drop-in replacement for the Samsung ST Motion sensor i’ve killed…don’t want to buy separate hubs etc just for this device.

Thanks in advance.

This was one of the first devices that I added to my V3 hub over the summer. I recommend the custom DTH in the post linked below (link goes directly to the recommended changes to the DTH, so you don’t miss them).

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Thanks, got the sensor today and this worked a treat.