Phillips Hue Lux $10 off at Amazon

(Jon Allsebrook) #1

If you’re fans of Hue and the Lux varient head to Amazon as they are $10 off right now!

(Ron S) #2

For 5$ more than a cree or a GE link, it’s a pretty good deal…

(Jon Allsebrook) #3

Yeah I agree… just ordered enough to replace the rest of my non smart bulbs!

(Curtis Frazier) #4

How do the bulbs compare to Cree Connected/GE Link?

(Jon Allsebrook) #5

Personally I prefer their softer light and they get far less hot than then GE Links

(Curtis Frazier) #6

I have both a GE and Crees. I preferred the Cree bulbs for sure.

(Ron S) #7

7 more on order to replace all but non-three way switched table lamps… Had a 50$ Amazon gift card… :wink:

(Ernie) #8

Has anyone tried buying Hue bulbs at Bed Bath and Beyond using one of their 20% off coupons? The coupons don’t explicitly exclude the Hues. They also send out similar coupons via email for online orders. Don’t know what they carry in the brick and mortar store but online they appear to have most Hue products.

(Mike) #9

Is this the link you guys are using to purchase?

(Jon Allsebrook) #10

@zj4x4 that wasn’t the link no. It appears they sold out as it won’t let me ‘Buy Again’ from my previous order.

(Ron S) #11

I hogged them all. Got 7 of those as I had a Amazon gift card for 50 bucks… :wink:

(Curtis Frazier) #12

Cree connected bulbs work fantastically for $15! Try them out.

(Tim Slagle) #13

Lux bulbs are also on sale at best buy

(Ron S) #14

Another model coming up, I bet!finally I have run out of sockets but for the recessed lights. I am stupid enough not to know which lights. BR30 I guess

(Ron S) #15

It will be back in stock and on sale on Amazon on Tax day for 19.99 again… Just checked…