Philips Hue with ST

Can I use the Philips Hue White A19 Single Bulb (455295) with smartthings only (no philips bridge)? I do not want anything fancy, just to turn them on and off via APP.

Yes. I have a Phillips Hue RGBW bulb and 3 light strips.
All work well for me with no bridge.

Ok thanks, were you able to add them automatically or did you have to add a device handler?

It can be done technically, but it is not recommended or supported. You could end up with a bulb that you cannot transfer back to Hue bridge without needing an additional device.

There is much Discussion of this in the forums.

They added in the normal way. i.e. set app to ‘Add A Thing’. I did have trouble in the early days with the DH that was allocated to them so downloaded this DTH and used it.

Improved Zigbee Hue Bulb MA

Not sure if this is the best one but it works OK for me. If you want to use it do a search and you should find it OK.

Yea I saw these posts, just wanted to know if anyone out there was using this bulb with ST (successfully). I know that once its on ST its not coming off without a fight! Again, just looking for simple on and off. I do not plan on getting a bridge.

I have a few of the GE link bulbs but I can not find them anywhere!!

@bobbles, thanks I do a search, I see a template for Philips hue in the IDE, but Ill search for this one as well!

The DTH discussion is in that same thread. There are some people using it successfully.

The Hue template in the IDE won’t work, that one is for a bulb attached to the bridge.

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The GE Link Bulb DH works as well. I am using that currently for my Hue Whites.

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@JDRoberts thanks again, Im going thru the thread you posted before and see that now. I just need to find the correct device handler for this model. (I can see this is a hot topic!) LOL

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@ZebraBlinds Is that DH in templates on IDE or did you get it from somewhere else?

The one in the IDE. Once you add the philips hue and it shows up as a thing, just go into the IDE and change the DH.

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Ok, I give it a shot (Bulbs on order!)

Stay tuned!

Its pretty simple.

  1. Screw the bulb in (make sure the switch is off)
  2. Put ST in adding mode
  3. Turn on the bulb and it will show up within a minute usually
  4. Add it, then login to IDE and change DH
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Hi New here.

Been trying to add philips hue white bulb to ST without bridge. Been reading around. Could you tell me which DH to use? I used the one from Jason Steele but not working. ST not showing the bulb as a thing. Any ideas?


Has the bulb been previously paired to a Hue Bridge?
If so it needs to be reset to factory default settings first.
This can be done via the bridge or with a Phillips remote.

i have a hue light strip. i connected it directly to smartthings with no hue bridge. (this is not recommended but didnt want to buy a bridge.) you have to add a device hander.