Philips Hue SmartStrip Plus color cast--white triggers green?


(Ian Pitts) #1

I went with the Philips Hue SmartStrip Plus system for under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen. I had to cut and solder jumper wires/connectors between the segments to keep from having to light in one continuous strip.

I do not have a Hue hub, but the ST seems to connect just fine.

Here’s my issue: The strip lights the color LED green when I’m requesting just pure white. This green shows up on the edge of the shadow on the wall. My wife hates it.

Is there a solution to this? Do I need to spend another ~$60 on a Hue hub? Or is there a way to correct this with custom code?

(Alex Christensen) #2

This is an issue with any color bulb/light that isn’t an original first-gen Hue bulb. SmartThings uses the raw RGB value for the Hue bulb and does not do any colorspace correction. My LiFX does the same thing. There have been several threads about this with no real response from SmartThings. A different but related problem is that Smart Lighting handles color temperature as direct Hue RGB values as well, so one can’t set the color temperature of a tunable bulb with it.

(Ian Pitts) #3

Thanks Alex.

I wonder, if I purchase a Hue hub and have ST control the light through that… will the lights have proper coloring?

(Realy Living Dream) #4

You do NOT need to spend $60 on a Hue V2 hub. You should get a Hue hub if just for LAN control when ST , your internet flakes out. Check the deals thread and V1 Hue starter kits with a few bulbs and V1 hub are regularly on sale /clearance everywhere. Since you linked it directly to ST you obviously don’t care about the Apple compatibility of V2 hue hub.

(Ian Pitts) #5

Great information! Thank you @RLDreams!