I've given up on smartThings controlling Hue

I purchased some Hue Motion sensors and the speed at which the lights turn on is much faster than smartThings could ever do. To integrate control into Action Tiles, I use Homebridge to show my smartThings devices in homekit and then I set up an automation to also turn on the hue virtual switch when homekit sees my hue bulbs turn on. This speeds up the state on Action Tiles to reflect the real life state of the bulbs. Otherwise smartThings refreshes the bulbs every so often which is still to slow for me. This combination allows me to still control the bulbs within Action tiles if the motion sensor fails. However, I haven’t seen any problems now that the hue hub is controlling my bulbs.

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I’ve used this Hue integration and it runs faster than the official one.

You do have to remove all Hue things from SmartThings before you install Hue B Smart, and there is still a small delay if you were to press the on button on a Hue remote before it shows as on in SmartThings and thus Action Tiles, but it is a far shorter delay than with the native integration.

I am using Hue B Smart.

Well there go my idea then :wink:

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