Philips hue on/off switch through hue bridge


I have Philips hue bridge connected to smartthings and it is working fine. I use some hue bulbs and also busch jaeger dimmable switch that is connected to hue. I was adding busch jaeger on/off switch to hue and it has problem connecting to smartthings. I get this error in the live logs:

8:25:41 AM: debug super_connect 3 may not reachable by Hue bridge
8:25:41 AM: debug trying to get a match for hueType: On/Off light

My question is, how can I edit the hueType in smartthings to accept this hueType?

Thank you in advance

OR, how to manual add new philips hue to smartthings, how to see the Device Network ID for the switch, I see the Device Network ID for the hue bulbs and switch that are in smartthings they all end with /number, so does it work to add device manually and just put in the Device Network ID?