Philips hue no working with smart5hings anymore

Since yesterday everything Philips hue shows inaccessible in Smartthings

Rebooted both Smartthings and Philips hub

My hue works with Alexa np

And my Logitech activities still works with Smartthings

Any help please ?

Update after turning off Device health in smartthings app, Hue seems to work again, but why did it stopped like that?

There appears to be a general outage on at least one of the North American shards, this is probably related

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Its freaking out for me to. In Phoenix AZ. No access to Hue lights. Says doors are open when they are not. But My Apple HomeKit is working for the Hue lights.

Edit But when you look under “Recently” it does not show my front door opening this morning. But it set off the alarm.

This is not the same problem as i stated in the OP all works exept Hue

I would still leave things alone for now. It may appear to be a different issue, but still could be related in some way.

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It could be related (especially if your issues started in last 24 hrs) - for example, the outage now affects status updates and “upstream” info (e.g. switches and motion sensors sending info to SmartThings are delayed by 5-15 min), except voice commands from Google Home which go right through, but “downstream” commands appear to work OK (e.g. commands directly in app to devices) except for updating status within app. I’m not sure where Hue sits on this, since there is an additional layer in the Hue servers.

I think door sensors in the Smart Home Monitor are locally executed (e.g. within your hub), which could be why its still setting off an alarm but not updating the cloud.