Philips Hue Mistake: how to remove duplicate devices?

Right i was looking through the devices adding a cupel of bulbs i received for Christmas id had half a bottle of JD at this point and miss red what it said and chose without smartthings hub thought it meant without the Hue hub now i have duplicate devices added to my smartthings hub and when i delete them they just re add them selves any one have a solution to my spazy mistake apart from not messing with it after half a bottle of JD LOL.

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go to Menu >Settings (the cog), tap on Linked Services and remove the hue linked service if you already hue bridge connected directly to the ST hub.

When you have the hue bridge connected directly to your hub… you only need to tap Add Device > Scan to add any new devices you have added to your hue bridge.

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Its the option without the hub i what to disconnect i want to keep it connected to my hub

yes that is the one - remove it from Linked services


Thank you thought that was to disconnect the two hubs mutch appreciate the help :+1:

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Linked services is for cloud to cloud integrations. The SmartThings/Aeotec hub isn’t participating in that method, which is why you got duplicates.