Devices duplicating themselves - Hue, nano -

I have a HUE hub and CASETA switches along with my SM hub. Since starting to use the new SM app I am seeing a massive number of duplicated devices . They sems to all be Hue or Nanoleaf, and all have a type called ‘placeholder’ when I look at them through the dev IDE.

Samsung has generally been of zero help on this - suggesting I delete them - which I do only to have then all return. I’d say they have an obvious bug or design problem in their handling of 3rd party hubs in the move to balance cloud and local handling but who knows.

The impact of this is that due to the number of devices I have, integrations with things like IFTTT and ALEXA can not be set up as the authentication and app approval time out. I also have a bunch of useless icons in the app but I created a room called ‘junkyard’ and dumped them all in that for now.

Anyone seeing a like problem or have suggestions? I am getting close to the point of spending the money and seeing if the Elevate hub wouldn’t be a better alternative given the rate as which the Samsung stuff seems to be deteriorating.


You’re allowing your ST to add the devices, rather than just control them.

If I do this do I lose the ability to control the devices?

This process does not seem very intuitive to me right now. Samsung’s approach keeps getting more and more complicated and they are showing that clear out to the end user.

SmartThings gives you the option to control hue, either locally through the bridge or cloud to cloud. They both have their place and you’ll see people use one or the other. I personally use the bridge option. You currently have both, thus giving you duplicates. So you need to delete the connected service then remove the devices associated with the service, and then they can’t add themselves back.


In the setup they talk about ‘hue with smartthings hub’ or ‘hue without smartthings hub’. Which option would you consider the one you took and describe as the ‘bridge option’?

I will work through deleting the items and then redoing but want to make the right choice as deleting devices is a very painful process with both the app and the IDE (what’s with this whole ‘no ability to check a bunch of items and delete all’? Amazon and Samsung both have the same lack of such a feature)

Appreciate the help and guidance.

If I remember correctly, it’s hue without SmartThings hub. “With” implying that you’re using SmartThings to control the lights, when in reality you want the bridge to control them. And my guess for not allowing multiple deletes could have a lot to do (at least in SmartThings) with the exclusion process needed when removing zwave devices.

“Without SmartThings Hub” will result in the “placeholder” devices as that is using the new cloud-to-cloud (C2C) option. “With SmartThings Hub” is likely “faster” within SmartThings as it is leveraging the hub locally but either one should work well.


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