Philips Hue LightStrip Gen 1 $26.88 at Sam's Club

This is a pretty good deal if you have a membership and don’t mind that it is gen 1.

Bought a couple of these last night. Do they require the bridge? It appears some say yes some say no.

I ordered one today! Thanks for the heads up!

will one be enough to set behind a tv? also, can those be attached to each other, or do i need the expansion strip to extend it?

also, just in case anyone needed a hands on demonstration on the difference between gen 1 and gen 2

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They are 6 feet long and give off 120 lumens , so one should be enough unless you have something like a 110" TV. Yes you can connect up to 2 strips together with 1 controller & power supply. They WILL NOT work with the Gen 2 extensions since the connection is different

Yes to work properly you need a Hue bridge.

I am so on the fence about it., The price is great, but I do currently have gen 2 in open room next to the the living room. The open floor plan will make both gen 1 and gen2 visible, and I am afraid the difference will be noticeable :frowning:

If as you said earlier you want them to use as backlight for TV, I don’t think anybody will notice, or think that they are supposed to be the same color & brightness.

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Thanks…any diff in the hub generations? I have lifx bulbs for outside so the only hue I currently have will be these for under cabinet lighting and maybe as a nightlight by bed. Looks like you can get the hubs on ebay for $5-15.

I have both & for all intensive purpose they work the same. Big difference is that Philips is no longer supporting, issuing software updates for V1 bridges.

Not that it is really a bad thing since before I upgraded to V2 every bridge software update would by default reinstall all the idiotic included scenes that would turn all my lights on/off at Hue’s predetermined times. I don’t need artificial sunrise & sunset in my house.

I believe that the just released set color with Alexa commands only works with the V2 bridge. ( See prior note on no longer updating software on V1 bridges )
If it was me I’d find a V1 starter kit with a few bulbs on sale, then update to a V2 when they go on sale again in the fall. ( Which is what I did last year I ended up with 3 or 4 V1 bridges & about 20 bulbs)

Is the switch from the Hue V1 to the V2 bridge as easy as just pairing the bulbs and strips with the new bridge? Will I need to re-discover these in Alexa?

Thanks for your advice in advance. :slight_smile:

Easier. Philips has a migration in the app. Just plug both V1 & V2 bubs both into the same LAN , Click import devices ( or something like that) and it will move all your bulbs, dimmers etc & scenes from old bridge to the new one.
Once I did that , I disconnected the old bridge from my network & set the new bridge MAC address to same static IP address as the old bridge. All my outside automations moved from old to new without a hitch. I don’t think ST or Alexa even noticed that I changed bridges.

Awesome! Thanks!

If you were interested Amazon has Gen2 Bridge and 2 A19 bulb starter kits for $55

Thanks…is that a pretty good price?

i think these sold out :frowning:

you maybe able to add this since its an AWD

for anyone still interested, yesterday they showed out of stock. I checked a few minutes ago and had 1 left, so I ordered it. Check thru out the day or the weekend, and you may have some luck

I got my light yesterday and it works like a charm. I love it. Thanks for your input.

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