Philips light strips $49 Amazon prime

Are these 1st or 22nd gen? What’s the difference?

Those are 1st gen. New ones are called Shape Lights. Biggest noticeable difference with Gen 2 is that they are 20w per strip where 1st gen are 8w . So 2nd gen are 250% brighter.

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Thanks that’s a big increase. 20W seems pretty weak even for accent lights. I’ll stick to the ebay 5M epoxy covered 5050 RGB’s & WW’s w/ transformer & remote for about $12 plugged into an Iris smart plug. I don’t plan to change the colour or level often.
Ballin’ on a budget!

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The 2nd gen are brighter ( IMHO) than the typical 50/50 LED strips. I have not actually compared with a light meter. The bright white is definitely BRIGHT.
If you wanted the Gen2 , you needed to jump on the HD website OOPS last month, and get BB to pricematch them at $12 a set.

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If you’re so inclined you can think of this as $50 for a Hue RGB lightstrip controller.

You can easily extend these 1st Gen Hue strips using solderless crimp connectors that pierce the contact pads at the end of each LED segment, and you can probably cut off the 12V transformer and hook up a more capable power source.

There’s nothing special about the LED strips themselves. I doubled the length of mine by just attaching another 2M length of generic strip. The only difference is the G and B channel are reversed so I get opposite complementary colors on the two segments, which is actually a happy accident for my application.