Philips Hue Grouping and Dimming using a single virtual tile

Is it possible to group philips hue bulbs and perform on/off along with dimming?

I’ve been able to use the virtual on/off tile to group the lights, but it’s won’t dim. I then tried using a smartapp I found by @wackware called “dim with me” but that didn’t work, not sure if the app supports Philips Hue bulbs.


I use @wackware’s dim with me with Hue’s and GE’s. My Hues are not connected with a Hue bridge but I’m not sure that would matter.

I use the Hue Bridge and I can’t get the dim with app to work. How are you connecting Hue with out the hue bridge?

The Hue bulbs are Zigbee, ST supports them directly connecting to the ST Hub. There are some drawbacks to this, the most important is currently once associated with the ST hub there is no way to unassociated them.

Maybe @wackware or someone else can comment if they have used Dim With Me with the Hue Hub.

Ah yeah I would definitely not want to permanently link them to ST in the event I change platforms…