Hue Follow SmartApp? (Set Color in groups without a bridge)

So my 2.5 hues. Only 2.5 because one of them the glass is broke but it still works and works great in the lamp I have it in.

First, my Hues are all directly paired to my hub. I’m looking for a smart app that will allow me to group my hues so if I change the color/brightness/on/off on one it changes them on all. I know this is possible using the hue bridge but I don’t have one and don’t plan to have one. I also know I can do all but color with existing dimming apps.

I’ve looked around but can’t seem to find what I want. Anyone know of one that exists already? @JDRoberts please access your community memory banks and paste a link for me.


Sorry, I don’t know one. Flexi Lighting would do it but you have to have a bridge.

Based on some recent stuff from ST staff pointed to the forms, I don’t think the smarthing’s hub has zigbee groups yet. I think that’s actually one of the zigbee updates that’s “coming soon.” But I could be wrong.

@sticks18 or @johnr might know. I think @infofiend only works with the bridge, but maybe there’s a reason for that.

I can put this together based on the Dim With Me app. I’ve done it in the past for the Osram Color Temp bulbs and the Fibaro RGBW strip. I think it works best if it’s device specific because color can be handled multiple ways. What devicetype are you using for your Hues?

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Wait… What… I stumped you?

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I’m using the official ST one. I have tried a couple others but, I’m trying to stick with official device types as much as possible. I also thought of doing using dim with me to write something but in all honestly I barely qualify as a amateur developer.

Look on marketplace, under switch and lights, there is a ‘color coordinator’ app that sounds it does what you need


Sweet! It was in the most obvious place! Good news, it works! It changes color, status, dim level! Thanks so much!


Awesome! Nice find. :heart_eyes:

Shame the ‘color coordinator’ doesn’t seem to work well with OSRAM LIGHTIFY RT RGBW lights.

I was really looking forward to being able to control a group of them as one single light. Otherwise setting the individual 4 bulbs to various dimmer levels, colors, temperatures, etc. is a lengthy manual process. :confused: