Philips Hue Group Control / Virtual Dimmer

Hi Guys,

I am wondering what is currently the best way to control a group of Philips hue bulbs for dimming from one tile.

There are a couple of options but I was wondering what has emerged as the front runner.

I also have a number of hue dimmer switches which are used to control the lights from time to time so a bonus would be if the app was also aware of the levels the hue dimmer switches had set the lights to.


IMO the best available option for this is Alexa. Unlike the Hue app, you can put any lights you want into any groups you want… and into as many groups as you want. You can then say “alexa, turn group one to 15%” and it will do it.

It does not know the existing state of the group, nor of the bulbs themselves. But does that matter, when you really stop and think about it?? In fact I see that as a benefit. I guess if you want to have all those lights go to 15% programmatically when the washing machine stops then it’s not the best idea…

Thanks Glen,

But I am trying to use it with an action tiles dashboard. So I need it to be a tile / device.