PHILIPS Hue Dimmer Switch - Standard (UK) Switch Cover/ Blanking Plate/ Replacement

OK. Double printed. I’ll PM you payment details.

Hi Chris,

Looks good, and works in all applications :slight_smile:

Could I order 5 more please?

Many thanks,


Of course! The printers are mid print right now but I’ll kick yours off tomorrow.



Decided to check everything tonight before printing… does the double I sent really work OK with the triple? the hole should be 7mm too small!!!


Yes, it works OK as the lower surface is still above the switches, although on inspection I can see that they don’t clear the underside cut-out.

I can still operate the switches OK though.



All done, I’ll clean them up tonight and post them out tomorrow once I have payment. Sorry for the delay, my printers have taken a thrashing the last couple of months and have needed some TLC!


Thanks Chris, I’m sure your printers will be busy for many months to come!

How much should I send you?



£40, that would make it £50 for all 6 if my maths is correct?

Hi Chris,

£40 sent to you via PayPal just now. Plus the £10 sent previously does indeed make £50 for 6 = Bargain :slight_smile:



Covers have arrived and fit well.

I assume you’ll keep the design on file for when I need to order more in the future :slight_smile:

Many thanks, great service.


Yeah, I learned that mistake previously, it has your name on it and everything. Glad you are happy!

Apologies to anyone who wanted to order but was faced with a lack of stock. I’ve increased production with yet another printer add have good stock levels currently.

Current ebay auction link

Thanks to all those who have ordered so far!


Hello Chris,

Reaching out to you on this forum to see what information you need for me to order some of these units.
(Per Ebay message)


Just need to know that you’ve read the ebay details and your switches are the right size, then what size/ type of switch you require and how many. Once i have that i can give you an idea on lead time.

Thanks Chris

Looking for the following for now :slight_smile:
1 x 10mm Single
1 x 10mm Double
1 x 5mm Single

I’ve just printed one of each so you are in luck. I’ll send you a personal message on here regarding the next bit.

They arrived yesterday, very happy with them. Not fitted them yet but they look like they will be fine.


@cgcrute Hi Chris, could I order 2x10mm singles please?

I’m selling these via eBay, if what you need isn’t in stock, check back as I’m printing 24/7 and add stock when it’s ready.

Yeah, just ordered one thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for another being available.