Echo Hue Colour


Am I correct in thinking the standard integration between Echo and Smartthings won’t allow me to set a colour by asking Alexandria to burn living room light red for example?


@SamB I’m not sure today, but I found that this was not supported the last time I tried the Echo -> SmartThings -> Hue integration. It is also currently the case for direct Echo -> Hue integration. I believe this to be a limitation on the Alexa/Echo syntax being confined to on/off and open/close. Since then, I’ve discovered and setup Ask Alexa which does support color commands.

With Ask Alexa, I can now say, “Alexa, tell SmartThings to set the color of kitchen light to blue” and the service passes the language following “SmartThings” on to the ST SmartApp which in turn adjusts the color accordingly. There are many more options opened up by Ask Alexa. You can also set your own keyword replacing SmartThings with something else. For example, it’s just as easily to tell it “Alexa, tell Hal to open the pod bay doors” and have it trigger the garage door opener" Or ask it to give status on device state, “Alexa, ask House for the status of Back Yard Motion Sensor”

It is a bit of work to setup, but the documentation is very clearly laid out. Very much worth the investment in time.