Philips Hue can't set color to 2200k on scenes or smart lighting

Hello. I have Hue white ambiance bulbs and in ST I can set them as low as 2200k no problem. If I use smart lighting or a scene to have them turn on at sunset, the lowest I can set them is 2700k only. Is there no way to set them to 2200k on a timer? Strange since I can set them that way under their device just not a scene or smart lighting. Thanks.


You can get down to 2200 using Webcore pistons for lighting stuff. And that’s pretty much the only remaining reason I use Webcore for my lighting automations these days - I’m a big fan of that really warm color.

Webcore has been great - I’ve never had an issues with it, but I’d love to move my lighting stuff to local control (vs cloud processing, which Webcore depends on).

I gotta think it wouldn’t be hard for ST to expand the available color spectrum down to 2200 in Smart Lighting - I hope they do that someday!