Philips Hue Bridge?

I don’t have my smart things hub yet, it’ll be here Thursday along with a Sylvania br30 color tunable bulb for my front door entry, please forgive my noob questions below. I have a 5 camera Arlo system I got about a month ago, and an ecobee thermostat last week. My plan is to have my Arlo turn the light on when motion is detected at the front door.

I want to get several more lights eventually (several more a lot of things actually), some that will trigger from my Arlo cameras built in motion sensors and am curious about Phillip Hues. Is it necessary to have the hub or will the bulbs work directly with ST? And if it does require the hub is there any compelling reason to use Phillip Hues?


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It’s best to get the hue bridge as well. See the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)


Thanks for the very informative reply. On this note… I’d like to ask another noob question.

Are there any compelling reasons to purchase any of the other hubs/gateways/bridges such as the Z-Wave gateway or zigbee?

A zwave or zigbee home automation device can only belong to one primary controller, and that will be your smartthings hub.

There are some community members with strong technical backgrounds who have sometimes added an additional secondary controller for some very specific purposes, but if you have one of those needs you’ll know it.

So the oversimplified answer is that no, you won’t use the other ones because you are using the SmartThings hub. :sunglasses: