SmartThings + Philips Hue: Do I need the bridge?


I was wondering if the Philips Hue needs its bridge if we use a Samsung SmartThings hub? Thanks for the help!



That was an amazing reply. Thanks so much for your help!

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So rather than start a whole new (the same) topic, the long and short of it is "if I want to use the most readily available “smart” light bulbs, I need a bridge. Does this bridge hard wire or wifi off the router/modem? So far the only light bulb i have successfully used is “Sengled”. I’m sure there are others, but considering i’m barely qualified to be of novice-class, I’m stumbling around in the dark until I find those light bulbs that will help light my way.

The Hue bridge has to be connected by cable to your wifi router.

You may already know this but just in case not, if you have run out of connection slots on your ethernet router you can buy an inexpensive splitter device which is also called a “Switch” although it’s a different kind of Switch, and that way you can plug more things in.

Here’s a good article explaining all about those and the different features they might have:

You should be able to get an inexpensive one for under $20.

If you have high-speed Internet, you might need to pay more like $45 to maintain the same speed. But remember it’s only going to affect the devices actually plugged into that particular switch. It doesn’t slow down the rest of your network in any way.