Does the SmartThings hub need the Hue Bridge?


After researching online, reading reviews, talking to best buy staff, I decided that the SmartThings hub was better than the hue hub, the wink and other candidates. I decided to buy it even if it was more expensive because it is compatible with most protocols and most devices.
I got it this evening and, after 3 hours fighting with the Samsung account password, I was finally able to see it from the app.
Then I tried to add a Philips Hue light and the SmartThings app told me that I need the hue bridge.
During my research I always found them described as an alternative to each other, no mention of the fact that one needs the other.

Is it true that I need the Hue bridge in order to connect the SmartThings hub to Hue lights?

If this is the case I will return it immediately, get a Hue bridge, see how far I can go with that and, if I will feel like the SmartThings hub will help, I will buy it again.

Or am I missing something?

(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #2

Apples and Oranges.

The Philips Hue hub isn’t absolutely necessary - but it provides a lot of additional Hue functionality (such as the native groups, scenes, rules, schedules, etc.) that you cannot get without it. It will only work with Philips Hue Lights and accessories.

The ST hub is used to integrate and control many types of sensors, lights, and other IoT devices. It can control the Hue lights using the Philips Hue Hub or not. It can be used to do much, much more than the Hue hub, but it cannot replace it altogether.


The FAQ should help (this is a clickable link)