Philips Hue white A19 4 pack $40

Do Hue bulbs require the Hue bridge to work with ST? Light bulbs are one thing I don’t have on my network yet…

While hue bulbs can connect directly to the ST hub, it is highly recommended that you use the hue bridge.


Yeah, if you aren’t going to use the hue hub, you should get Cree or Sengled bulbs - you can find the Sengled bulbs for the same price on Amazon.

I was really tempted to get one of the Echo+ Hue bulbs kits, just to see how the Hue bulbs worked connected directly to the Echo.
With the Google Home, Mini and Echo deals, not to mention how many I already have. I just couldn’t find a place to put it. I also wanted it just because of the SNL Alexa Silver skit a couple years ago.