Philiphs Hue Motion sensor - DH added, device not found

Hey guys,

I want to add my Philips Motion Sensor V2 to ST.
My setup contains the following hardware:
Philips Hue Bride, some philips and zigbee devices, Alexa echo dot.
not sure whether I need a Samsung hub ?! (sorry for dumb questions)

So, here is what I did:
logged in here:
Set up a new Device Handler by code using this:
Saved it
Opened up the App (without having ANYTHING added), reset the sensor (flashing light)
Within the app I chose add device and scan.
But it doesnt find anything.

I also tried this DH:

Without success ;(

What am I doing wrong? Or is something missing in my system?

Thank you guys!

Did you publish for me after you saved it? :slight_smile:

no, i didnt.
Thats the mistake?