False positive from motion sensor: device or software failure?

A couple of weeks ago, we got a false positive intrusion alert from motion detector in garage. It triggered sirens, but not lights. Eventually, when I deliberately triggered the alarm, neither sirens or lights would come on.

Well, last night I can verify that the sirens and lights are working, because at 4:40 am, had a intrusion alert from another motion detector. Great that the sirens and lights are working again, but really could do without these false positives on the motion detectors.

I’m trying to figure out if the problem is the sensor, or the software. Both were ST motion detectors, latest generations. Both show plenty of battery.

Is there anyway to determine if the false positive was due to sensor triggering the software, or the software thinking it had been triggered?

We don’t have any pets, these are indoor sensors. If it is the sensor, any guess as to what could cause this? Are they vibration sensitive?

We also have a Fibaro motion sensor, and have not had any issue with it, at all. And it is vibration sensitive, but still no problem.

I find it interesting that you never received an answer to this question. Surely someone from ST should be able to answer whether or not the current gen motion sensors are also sensitive to vibrations.

I just assumed they aren’t.

We ended up taking the one motion sensor out of the garage. It’s now turning lights on and off in a storage room, and seems to be much happier in its new less-stressful employment.