PetSafe dog door closed IF garage door is open?

Would it be possible to setup the Iris Petsafe door with tilt sensors on my garage doors, to keep the pet door locked when the garage doors are open?

If you have the petsafe door already working with SmartThings, you should be able to do this quite easily with core, which allows for a “while” condition

Thanks JD. I’m installing the doors today and will see how the ST setup goes.

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Here’s a device handler for it

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Ok thanks for the code

It’s been about a year since I worked with codes at my old house as a test before building a new house. I got CoRE published today but having issues with creating a SmartApp and pasting the code into API for the PetSafe door. Anyone care to give me some pointers or steer me in the right direction.

I got the code working with the pet doors but can’t the Core code to keep doors locked if the garage doors are open. I did a Basic piston, If any garage door is open, Then if Core piston executed, followed by Any inside pet door is locked.
Pet doors still open whether the garage door us up or down. Any help would be appreciated

Assuming you can manually lock and unlock the pet door from the device screen just fine, try posting your piston here for some help

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Interesting stuffs. let me also do it.

The doors do work for lock and unlock in ST app and with the dog collar fob. I was trying to upload my piston to the Core assistance link, but my Core layout in the ST app is a lot different than the one’s posted. Mine has no color frames or list of events grouped together. Any way to test Core to see if I installed correctly?

Those screen shots are from the Core dashboard. Enable Oauth for Core in the IDE and you should then be able to get to the dashboard through the Core smart app on your phone.

Found it. thanks