Security, motion sensors or door/window sensors

New user here, just got my v2 hub up and running a few days ago, and setup a few ST motion detectors throughout my home/garage. I’ve gotten some false positives on the motion sensors, and it’s making me wonder if using them for security purposes isn’t the best route? My thought was using these to monitor a room, instead of individual door/window sensors would take a lot less devices.

Just curious what your experiences or recommendations would be. Again I’m looking to use these sensors for security, and have them trigger an alarm inside the house. Good or bad idea?

Thanks in advance

Well, do you have pets?
I have a large dog and 4 stupid cats!
I have several motion sensors in the house for lighting control and if I turn the sensitivity down to not notice the pets, they don’t work as well.

Such as in my upstairs hall. The sensor is set to pick up the motion of any door in the hallway opening. It is also set just right to pick up a person coming up the stairs, but it didn’t see them until they are three steps from the top. So as they step into the hallway, the low level lights come on.

The one in the office can be turned down… I don’t want to but my cats are jerks. They will go in there, the light comes on, then they go out and sit in the foyer… When the light goes out… They do it again! All night long! ! !

So, in my case motion is only partially good for security. I have one in my garage and that works best. Back porch and front porch sensors work week also.