Pet door project

Hey, old thread I know. I have the sureflap connect retail connected flap. Wondering if anyone has worked out a way to integrate?

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Did you get any joy with this project. I’m considering buying a sureflap. It appears to have a separate hub and I’m all Hubbed out so was hoping to run if off the ST Hub.

This guy on Github has reverse engineered the sureflap and posted some sample PHP code:

Someone has then forked to a PowerShell version and an Alexa skill (unpublished).

So theoretically it would be possible to port to SmartThings. Not sure I have the time or knowledge to do so though.

I’ve put the php code provided by alextoft into an Azure web app and can get pet location back as a webpage so was wondering if I could pull info from this website into SmartThings but it may be better to do it all directly from SmartThings.

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I’ve just created an integration between SmartThings and the Sure Petcare connect range if anyone’s interested

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