Smart Baby Gate

So this isn’t a project yet, I am just trying to see if anyone has done this. My 3 year old won’t let us shut her door, because she is scared with it closed. The problem is our dog keeps waking her up when I get ready for work @ 6AM. So I was trying to devise a way to have a baby gate that would open for our 3 year old when she approaches it but the dog wouldn’t be able to open it. The easiest way to trigger the opening is to have a motion sensor on the bedroom side of the gate, but I need a way to motorize the gate and trigger smartThings to open it. Any ideas?

servo and a smartthings shield.

Does it have to open multiple times or just once to let her out? If it is just once it could be a pretty easy solution with a spring and a magnetic lock/relay - otherwise it is quite an involved process as you do not want it to shut and “crush” anything…

Good point. I guess it really needs to only unlatch once. Because it usually means she needs us.

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So if you have a door ladle latch on it and wanted to maintain the door handle functionality I would use a Hes Vista V3 door strike to replace the wall side and then hook it up to ST with any flavor of smart outlet - i.e. GE in wall, ST smart power, Leviton, etc. and then plug in a 24VDC transformer. That is the cleanest and easiest (less wiring) way to do it. You will still need a spring on the door, or a spring loaded hinge, to open it and the motion sensor in the room by the door to “unlatch” it… If you can do without the latch in the door, i.e. remove the latching part like a closet door, then you could use a Hes 610 Cabinet Lock and the rest the same… In either of the two examples you could also wire in a cheap motion detector from radio shack or a garage door beam sensor and not need the ST motion detector or power outlet and it would not be dependent on the app or the Internet to “spring open” when you (she) wants it to open… Sounds like fun for the lil one to me…

Thanks! I like these ideas.