How can I customize the behavior of a Presence Sensor or other RFID chip?

(cchighman) #1

I’m actually looking to integrate an automated doggie door system with SmartThings. I’ve done a ton of searching and found no straight-forward path. Quirky seems it would accomplish this goal but it’s PawDoor isn’t ready to ship. The closest item I’ve found is the PetSafe SmartDoor that specifically uses RFID sensors to identify specific animals and control access to the automated doggie door.

It appears that Iris’s Smart RFID key is compatible with PetSafe and, as a result, can be used to integrate in with schedules, etc. Research showed that PetSafe and Iris actually worked together to make this integration.

With that history said, here is my question: I’m assuming unless they went out of their way to someone lock down compatibility, SmartThings could possibly integrate the same way if it conformed to wire protocol and knew what PetSafe was expecting. Are we able to customize at this level without bringing extra hardware into play?

Secondarily, here is another problem. Petsafe advertises “keep the cats in and let the dogs out” but the premise behind this quote is that the doggie door will only open for the dog. I don’t know about everyone elses cats but mine are liable to run past/between/up/under/behind the dog through that door if the conditions are right. That said, I wanted to place a presence sensor on the cat that, if within a certain perimeter, would not allow the door to open for the dog. If there were a customizable RFID chip or if Presence Sensor were, logic could be used to dynamically drive events to generate custom RFID responses. So, I could disable the RFID chip on the dog collar if the cat was near, etc. Is anything like this available?

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My experience with the presence sensor is that its reporting is WAY too slow to be of use for your scenario. You also need something much more granular for determining proximity. BTLE, RFID (which is a good choice).

The PetSafe door appears to be battery operated and completely self contained so integrating it wth SmartThings would require additional hardware and a number of “hacks”.